Enjoy added privacy + natural breezes with Sanctum

Choose from a wide range of perforated and geometric POOL FENCING options with multiple design and colour configurations.  Explore new creative options while also keeping the family safe and complying with all pool-safe regulations. 

Australia has some of the tightest pool fencing regulations in the world.  This helps ensure our backyards are as safe as they can be. These regulations thankfully save many lives every year.

All pools and spas must be fully fenced with non-climbable fencing.  There are tight regulations on toe-hold sizes, gate and latch requirements, no-climb zones and the like.

While these regulations are excellent at protecting young lives, they significantly restrict aesthetics.  As a result, there are traditionally very limited options available for decorative and high privacy pool fencing.

Solid walls and fences can be very expensive to build, and while they give you privacy, they block all the natural breezes.

Glass works a treat at showing off your pool, providing you have the budget. But it is also wonderful at showing off kid’s handprints, bird messes, dog slobber and chemical stains, so you need to buy your glass cleaner in bulk. Plus, the fishbowl effect is tragic if you like your privacy.

Standard black aluminium tubular pool fencing is the cheapest option, but privacy is non-existent.

Thankfully, there are other options. Sanctum now offers two decorative pool-safe fencing options, while also delivering privacy and natural air flow.

Toe holds eliminated with smart design


Pool safe regulations specify that pool safe fences must be non-climbable, with no toe-hold openings larger than 10mm in size.

One of the challenges of Sanctum’s regular range of decorative screens is that the detailed cutouts tend to make exceptionally good ladders.  This rules them out for usage as pool fences.

To address this, Sanctum has introduced a range of decorative pool fencing options which are cut with reduced opening sizes to eliminate toe holds.  To minimise openings, we do not remove cut out pieces.

Sanctum decorative pool fencing screens deliver stunning aesthetics, brilliant privacy and total peace-of-mind.

All Sanctum decorative pool fencing panels are 100% Australian made. They are cut and / or perforated with the same base materials and to the same high standard as our other screens and powder coated to suit your specific requirements.

Top and bottom edges would be folded to create rigidity and eliminate the need for additional framing.

The result is a range of refreshingly different pool fencing options that are competitively priced and superbly practical.   And when installed correctly, these designs meet all Australian standards for pool fencing.

In addition to pool fencing panels and decorative screens, we also supply heavy gauge aluminium posts and frames made specially to support the extra weight and surface area of our screens.

We can also convert any of our decorative pool fencing panels into a matching gate, with the necessary hardware to ensure compliance.

We can custom cut screens to fit your exact requirements and provide all the elements to complete the job to the highest standards.

Noosa pool safe gate


In addition to our regular range of decorative pool fencing designs, Sanctum also offers the option to perforate complex images and designs into our screens. This results in stunning looking panels that are 100% pool compliant when installed correctly.

Sanctum perforated panels replace our cutouts with thousands of perforated holes no larger than 10mm (most no larger than 5mm).

We can still capture images in the screening (some designs work much better than others). The perforations offer a premium artistic effect with good privacy.  They also allow natural airflow not traditionally offered by glass, timber or masonry fences.

Our perforated panels are cut using the same premium materials and finishes as other Sanctum screens.  All screens can be custom configured to your exact specifications.

Please note that depending on the design, these perforated screens can contain up to 25,000 drill holes per panel, and can take many hours to cut each panel.

We are currently offering special discounted rates to a select number of customers to allow us to refine our processes and build a photo library of quality pool fencing installations.

Perforated screens are not a budget option.  However in the right applicationt they offer an exceptional, premium quality result, and a uniquely customised, very functional pool fencing option. *

Perforated pool safe design

Combine multiple screening and fencing options to complete your pool safe area

It probably goes without saying that you can mix and match fence options to achieve the best possible result for your pool area.

For example, you could use glass pool fencing between the house and the pool, so you can watch the kids while they swim.

At the same time, you could install a wall of screens on the neighbour’s side, or blocking the view from the road to create a private safe haven away from prying eyes…

Combine Sanctum decorative pool fencing with our amazing totems and outdoor artwork…

Or add solid backing boards and backlighting to regular Sanctum screens to make your feature totally non-climbable.

Screening is an incredible versatile option.  When used correctly, screens can convert your pool or spa area from average into a spectacular, personalised playground. Talk to Sanctum and start the journey today.


Sanctum are primarily manufacturers, and we offer a range of legally compliant decorative pool fencing options.

While we can supply screening that is guaranteed to be pool safe compliant if installed correctly, we cannot control the safe usage of your panels. 

Once your Sanctum pool fencing and screening is installed in your pool area, it is essential that you check the compliance of your screening and your enclosure with a qualified certifier.