freeform screens TO LIFE

If you’re looking for a screening option which sets your property apart, and you like the idea of a softer, more fluid
design, then Sanctum’s range of freeform screens offer a compelling option. 

If you’re looking to add an individual touch to your property project and create a compelling point of difference, then you don’t want to look like you made a beeline down to your local hardware store and grabbed a handful of off-the-shelf Chinese knockoff screens to stick between you and the neighbours.

Our aim is always to deliver something you don’t see everywhere, and to create stunning feature pieces for your property.

In addition to an extensive range of screening and fencing options, gates and architectural elements, Sanctum also offers a select range of freeform screen options featuring our unique designs.

We can supply individual feature screens with a full freeform border that can be fitted to a large wall in an entrance or an alfreesco area.

We can supply double panels fitted to a frame that can add instant impact and sophistication to any building project.

Or we can work with you, and your design and building team to create spectacular bespoke installations using multiple freeform screen panels.

Gates… facades… fence feature panels… wall art… pool features… entry statements… as with all Sanctum screens, usage is limited only by imagination.

Jabiru design with freeform top, powder coated in Steel Pearl.

Madagascar freeform on all sides available in multiple sizes.

The freeform approach works best on our leafy, foilage based designs.   

To create Sanctum freeform screens, we start with our base designs.  Then we work layer by layer to add detail and remove the constraints.

On single panel installations (we can cut up to 5200 x 1800mm as a single screen), we typically remove all the straight edge borders.   This creates a softer, more natural look to the installation.

When installed on standoffs off the wall, the leaves throw wonderful shadowing, creating multiple layers of detail which shift all day every day as the light source changes.

On multiple panel installations, we apply the same energy to ensuring a flow of the design between the various screens.  We will typically provide a freeform edge to the top (and sometimes the bottom) of the screens, with regular, straight borders then providing generous fixing points to the appropriate framing.   This works brilliantly on gates and framed, multi-panel installations.

If you require large spans without any visible straight borders, we have the resources to blend the freeform edges into one another.  This painstakingly detailed process takes time and signficant design skills, but the visual results are stunning, allowing virtually unlimited lengths to appear as a single panel.

Madagascar freeform top, powder coated in Dulux Pearl White.

When mounting freeform screens, we will typically make the framing smaller than the screen.  This allows us to create variation in the height of the freeform elements and achieve a more natural effect.

Standoffs provide a brilliant way to install full freeform screens on a flat surface.  A spacer holds the screen a fixed distance off the wall, while the fixing provides a secure mounting.  Any screws are covered by decorative caps, which are typically pre-coloured to match the screen/s.