If you are looking for an ultra-durable, low maintenance screening option, then corten steel
may be an ideal alternative.

Cor-ten (or corten as it is often called) is a group of steel alloys which were developed to surface oxidise, before the rusting process slows down dramatically.

It’s unique combination of alloys delivers a greater level of resistance to atmospheric weathering when compared to other unalloyed steels, and allows the screens to surface rust rapidly before the process slows down significantly.   Because of this, screens will last for many, many years without rusting through.

The result is a natural patina which requires no further maintenance, and delivers extraordinary long term durability.

This makes these screens popular with commercial and civic projects, and a great addition to any backyards.

Please do not confuse corten for thin and flimsy, low grade, mild steel screens readily available in discount retailers. Thin, mild steel screens are essentially ‘disposable’ screens with a very limited usable life.

We only cut from high grade corten steel, 2.5 or 3mm thick (and therefore quite heavy), and will not use inferior grade materials.

Please note corten steel is a natural product and every screen rusts differently. There is a strong likelihood of bleeding at some time, so not necessarily the best choice on white walls and expensive tiles if it is exposed to the weather.

Sealers can be used to minimise bleed, but these can dull off the appearance of the screens, and will require periodic re-application.


One of the best features of Sanctum screens are the shadows that the screens throw, which shift constantly as the light source changes. If you are mounting your screen onto a wall, then we can supply solid stainless steel standoffs, which conceal all screwheads and fix your screen securely off the wall. Simply screw the standoff base to the wall, then drill through the screen, insert and finger tighten the standoff cap onto the base.  Allow one standoff per 600mm of perimeter for best results.  Click for more info.


One of the simplest way to install metal screens is to fold the edges of the screen.  Folds add stiffness and rigidity, and eliminate most of the need for additional framing.

Sanctum can supply your screens pre-folded.  To install, simply screw through the side of the fold into the wall or post.  Job done…

For the inside story on how to make folds work for you, simply follow the link.  We’ve prepared loads of info to make installation as quick and easy as possible.