SANCTUM powder coated aluminiuM SCREENS

Perfect for feature gates, privacy and decorative screening, building facades and pergola rooftops.

Sanctum decorative aluminium screens deliver stunning, low maintenance screening options.

If you are looking for the special finishing touch for your next project, then Sanctum decorative aluminium screens are the perfect starting point!

Aluminium is our premium screening material, delivering an exceptional result that will look great for years with minimal maintenance.

Aluminium is lightweight, durable and can be fabricated into an infinite number of screening and architectural options.  We offer 80 aluminium screen designs in a range of versatile standard sizes and virtually unlimited custom configurations.

Are my Sanctum aluminium screens painted or powder coated?

All Sanctum aluminium screens are cut to order in our Brisbane workshop and hand-finished prior to coating.

Instead of painting, all Sanctum aluminium screens are powder-coated, where a dry powder is attracted to the aluminium surface using electric current, and then oven-baked for a durable long-life finish.

Most powder coaters are ‘industrial coaters’ – it doesn’t matter to them whether there are little blemishes if the overall job looks ok. We are fussy and we supply decorative feature pieces which are a major feature in your project.  Because of this, the coatings must be the same quality as our cutting, and we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure your screens are finished to the highest standards.

All aluminium screen orders include colour matched fixings (screws or rivets) to add extra quality and attention-to-detail to your finished installation.

How to use Sanctum aluminium screens with minimal additional framing.

One of the virtues of aluminium screening is the ability to fold as required. Folding creates rigidity and allows for a smooth seamless effect with minimal need for additional framing.

By folding the edges, you can convert screens into fence panels, fence extensions, wall art or lightboxes.

Larger structures like bin or pool pump enclosures can be built using a combination of folded screens and posts.

Or we can supply a range of framing and fabrication options, allowing any Sanctum screen to be used in gates, sliding and bi-fold doors, pergola structures etc.

How thick are SANCTUM aluminium screens?

We only use the highest grades of aluminium, sourced from some of Australia’s most trusted suppliers.   Our screens are typically cut from high grade 1200 or 1500mm wide sheets of 3mm aluminium.  We can also source and handle oversize 1800mm wide sheets to order, and our large format cutting equipment can supply single screens at up to 5200 x 1800mm AS A SINGLE PANEL.

For heavy-duty applications like pergola roofs and commercial installations, we will commonly use 4mm marine-grade aluminium.  This delivers supremely high quality, ultra-durable results with exceptional rigidity.   Marine-grade aluminium is much harder than lower grade alloys and is a little more demanding to cut, but it gives a beautiful, first-class finish.  The thickness makes it physically solid and incredibly rigid, and able to take the harshest conditions you can throw at it.

To make installation as easy as possible, Sanctum offers high-end in-house design and fabrication facilities.

Our Sanctum design team have decades of real-world commercial experience.  We go to exceptional lengths to add the detail to help you achieve spectacular results.

Specialist services include:

  • Combining multiple different panels into continuous lengths of spectacular artwork
  • Transforming screens into workable structures like sliding doors, gates and fence panels, and bespoke furniture.
  • Custom fabrication of specialist frames and fittings for specific projects, including bollards, disabled gates, pavilions and pergolas, and the like.

It starts with the design and doesn’t stop until it’s perfect.  Attention to detail is what clearly differentiates an average screening job from an exceptional one.  We weld and flush sand the corners of folded screens.  Colour matched fixings are supplied as standard.   We build tolerances in carefully, and we’re skilled at building custom brackets and specialised installation options.

A generous dose of perfectionist OCD is supplied free with every job!

Discover how aluminium screening can be used to work magic at your place.  Shop for Sanctum aluminium screens online now, explore our range of oversize Holey Sheet designs, or contact Sanctum and talk to an experienced professional today.

Here are a few options Sanctum offers to help you achieve an exceptional result with your aluminium screens.



One of the best features of Sanctum screens are the shadows that the screens throw, which shift constantly as the light source changes. If you are mounting your screen onto a wall, then we can supply solid stainless steel standoffs, which conceal all screwheads and fix your screen securely off the wall. Simply screw the standoff base to the wall, then drill through the screen, insert and finger tighten the standoff cap onto the base.  Allow one standoff per 600mm of perimeter for best results.



If you would like to mount your screen more than 25mm off the wall, we can supply a similar system to our standoffs. We cut 19mm aluminium tube to your desired length (up to 65mm) to be used as the spacer behind the screen. We then supply polished chrome finished decorative caps which hide the screw head, and give a very similar visual effect to our 25mm standoffs.



If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to finish and install your aluminium screening, then folding should definitely be on your shortlist of options.
Folds create rigidity and reduce or eliminate the need for framing – cutting labour costs and helping achieve an awesome result with lower cost and a minimum of effort.
Folds are one of our most popular finishing processes, and can readily be used to make fence panels, gates, feature screens, balustrading, privacy screening lightboxes and much, much more.

Click on the link and open the door on a whole new range of great Sanctum screening ideas. 



While aluminium is an extraordinary substrate for making screens, the material can be notoriously fiddly and tricky to paint.   Powder coating is the recommended coating process for aluminium, and all Sanctum aluminium screens are supplied powder coated to your colour requirements.

Powder coating is the application of dry powder to metal surfaces which is then oven-baked to fuse the coating to the metal surface.

The solid particles of powder, comprising resins, pigments and fillers are electrostatically charged in a spray gun and misted by low-velocity air to the surface of the part to be coated.  The electrostatic charge holds the powder particles in place while the part is cured in an oven to 200ºC to produce a hardened durable surface.

Powder coating provides a finish which is tougher and more durable than conventional paint. Powder coatings resist cracking and peeling and are extremely abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistant, but are not a rust inhibitor. For this reason, it is critical that the substrate receives appropriate corrosion protection – chromate for aluminium product and zinc-rich primer for steel and cast iron products.

The process involves a number of steps

  1. Cleaning of the material to ensure the surface is free of any oils, dirt, grease and foreign matter. This can include abrasive blasting and / or solvent cleaning
  2. Pre-treatment during which the product is treated with chemicals to further clean, protect and prepare the substrate with a surface that maximises the adhesion of the powder coating.
  3. Rinsing and drying
  4. Powder application with electrostatic gun
  5. Curing in an oven. The product is heated to a pre-determined metal temperature for a selected period of time after which the product cools and the coating forms a high quality and durable finished surface

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