Create a spectacular first impression + enjoy exceptional versatility
with a stunning double swing gate entrance set

Bring street art home… with stunning double entrance gates custom fabricated to reflect your individuality and the quality of your home.

Sanctum allows you to convert any of more than 50 screen designs into a spectacular set of street art, by featuring it on your double entrance gates.

If you’re tired of the same old slat and tubular gate designs, and you’re looking for something different, we’re here to help.

We have some exceptional double entry gate packages available that can still be customised to your design and colour preference, or we can work with you from scratch to create a spectacular entrance for your property.  

All Sanctum double entrance gates are handcrafted here in Brisbane.  Enjoy the confidence of working with a team that is obsessive about quality and design.    Unlike off-the-shelf products, our energy is focused on helping you create an entry statement that reflects your individuality and enhances the personality and quality of your property.    

The end result – stunning double entrance gates that look amazing, work brilliantly and protect your family and assets for years to come. 

Tuscany design

Starting with a clear brief is essential…

We start by confirming the exact size and design requirements for your gates.   We measure openings, wall heights, driveway slope, and we confirm existing and planned finishes.   We also help you to bring your vision to life by clarifying design objectives, colour options and functionality requirements.   Once we have all the necessary background information, the real work starts. 

At Sanctum, we are not good at cutting corners. We specify quality components as standard, and we make the gates to the same standard as we would supply to our mums. 

We apply common sense wherever we can, and help you identify ways to cut budgets without cutting quality where we can.

Atlantis design

New York design

Framing and hinging options for double entrance gates

All good gates start with the frame.   Our material of choice is high grade, rust free aluminium extrusion, specified to suit the application.  

Our most popular framing option for double entrance gates is 50 x 50mm square section extrusion.  We will often specify 40 x 40mm extrusion on smaller gates, as it minimises the frame size and leave more screen area, without compromising strength or durability.

You have the choice of fitting your screens to the face of this frame, giving a neat, seamless look from the road.  The frame is hidden behind the screen border, so we call this a HIDDEN FRAME.

If you would like to make a feature of the frame, we can fit screens ‘inside’ the frame – like a picture frame.  To do this, we add an extra 20 x 20 x 3mm frame fixed inside the first frame to create a reveal.  Essentially this is a double frame made of heavy gauge aluminium, adding to the stiffness and strength.     

At Sanctum, we call this a REVEAL FRAME or a FEATURE FRAME, as the design makes a feature of the frame.   The gate frame effective forms a picture frame around the screens, and all screen edges and corners are protected. 

We commonly supply matching side posts for double entrance gates.   While the gates are aluminium, we regularly use steel posts – as they are stiffer, and it allows us to weld hinges directly in place.   Posts are then powder coated to match the gates exactly.   

Double entrance gates can be large and heavy, and quality, robust hinging is an important factor to consider.

Sanctum typically use either galvanised gudgeon / trunnion hinges (our standard option), or high grade bearing hinges for larger gates and commercial applications.   See the pics on this page for more detail.

Both these hinges involve fixing the hinges into or through the gate frame, for maximum strength, and the hinges are all rated well beyond the gate weight for strength. 

On large gates, we will commonly weld the hinges to side posts, and supply them pre-fitted and ready-to-install.  This process helps ensure perfect alignment, and eliminates the risk of hinges working loose on the posts.


Hidden frames

For a streamlined, minimalist look from the street, fix the screen panels to the face of your fully welded aluminium frame.  We use adhesive sealant plus colour matched rivets, for a double bond which fixes the structure together firmly and eliminates screen rattle.   The border on the screens hides the frame, so we call this a HIDDEN FRAME for obvious reasons.

Feature frame

If you would like your screens to be pictured framed within the gate frame, then we can add a smaller extra frame (called a reveal) inside the main frame, to fit the screens to.  This ensures the screen sits ‘into’ the frame – we call this a FEATURE or REVEAL FRAME as it draws extra attention to the framing itself.  

gudgeon and trunnion hinges

Gudgeon + trunnion hinge

The movement in large swing gates can create a significant load on the hinges, so quality hardware is critical.  These hinges are bolted through the frame and offer loads of strength, tolerance and adjustability.   We will commonly use steel posts and weld the hinge to the post for even more strength.  Hinge components are then powder coated to match the gates.

Bearing gate hinge welded to side post

Bearing hinges

For another step up in quality and robustness for large and heavy gate installations, our bearing hinges offer exceptional functionality and durability.  Solid alloy bearing cases are installed inside the frame, and bearings fit into these, for incredibly smooth operation with minimal friction.

Drop bolt + latch

If you are not installing automation, then you need to hold the gates aligned and fixed in the closed position.   One of the gates is secured in the closed position using a key lockable drop bolt into the ground.   The second gate then latches to this first gate, to provide robust security.

Slatted decorative feature gate


Every home is different, so our focus is on helping you design and install a gate solution which complements the design aesthetic for your home and enhances your lifestyle.  Versatility and functionality don’t necessarily cost much more – they just require some upfront effort and a commitment to getting the small details right.   

Designing and fitting your gate feature screens

Sanctum is heavily focused on design, and we have a well-earned reputation for the quality and detail in our artwork. 

We can modify any Sanctum screen design into the large formats required for double entrance gates.   We never stretch or distort artwork – each piece is individually modified to fit the frame perfectly.   We will commonly make each panel different, but designed to work together as a matching pair – with extraordinary alignment and precision.

As with all Sanctum custom jobs, we will create and supply a detailed artwork proof for your approval prior to cutting anything.   We also regularly test cut components of the job in advance of supplying the artwork, just to be sure we can deliver you the best possible result.

Our sliding driveway gates are typically cut in high-grade 3mm aluminium, a robust, low-maintenance product that looks great.   

For larger gates and commercial installations, we will commonly recommend using 4mm marine-grade aluminium.  This gives an extra 33% more metal in the screens, with equivalent gains in strength and stiffness, and the finished results are truly stunning. 


Sanctum’s large-format cutting gear can cut aluminium sheets up to 5200 x 1800mm, so we can make large gates AS A SINGLE PANEL if required.  Obviously, there are some increased logistics and costs involved with creating and handling oversize panels of this size, but they look fantastic and results speak for themselves.

Once fabricated, all frames, screens, fittings and fixings are all powder coated to match in your choice of more than 100 Dulux or Interpon powder coat colours. 

Prior to shipping, we will then assemble your screens into the frames, using adhesive sealant (which bonds the screens into the frames and kills any screen rattle), plus additional colour matched rivets for extra strength.


This email is to say a huge thank you for your contribution to the completion of our project in Auchenflower. The end result is a great one and this is thanks to the work you and your team have contributed.

Thanks, I look forward to working together again soon,


Assisting with custom gates + special projects

While the bulk of our double entrance gates are based on our wide range of screen designs, Sanctum also take on special projects and boutique gates from time to time.

We can also make high end slatted gates, freeform top gates, sliding and cantilever gates, pedestrian gates, bifold and sliding doors, matching fence panels, shade structures and the like.  

If you have a gate or screening project that needs some special attention from an experienced team, then please feel free to give us a call.  We’d love to help.

Easy installation options for double entrance gates

Double entrance gates are much smaller to pack and ship than sliding driveway gates, and we have proven experience in safely packing and shipping items of this size.

We will supply your gates as a complete kit, fully assembled, and with all components ready-to-install.

We can also provide detailed instructions on how to complete the install.   The process is relatively straightforward. 

  • Fix one of the side posts into position using anchors supplied
  • Fix the first gate onto the welded hinge brackets, so it swings freely
  • Repeat the process with the second post and gate
  • Adjust the hinges so that the gates align, and the spacings are consistent. Lock screws help hold the alignment after the adjustments have been made.
  • Add gate latch and drop bolt (if no automation is being fitted) or motors and middle gate stop (if automation is to be fitted)
  • Once gates are installed and aligned, then get a licenced electrician to complete the final connection.

Sanctum have no completed hundreds of gate installations over more than eight years, and we can help you achieve an exceptional result. 

While we are primarily manufacturers, we also supply a comprehensive installation service for customers within 200km of our workshop.

Because we are used to working with gates and screens every day, we will deliver and install your project to the highest standards, and we go the extra mile to ensure the best possible result.  

Typically a multi-person job, this option includes labour, all fixings and sundries. 

We bring many years of experience, a generous dose of OCD perfectionism, and a van full of tools, and we don’t leave until the job is done, and done right.