Spectacular first impressions are standard with
every Sanctum sliding gate…

Stunning functional design + meticulous craftmanship combine seamlessly to add value + street appeal to any premium property

Custom designed Jabiru panels, fitted to sliding gate by Sunshine Fencing. Photo courtesy Sunshine Fencing.

Street appeal starts at the kerb…

So it makes sense to make sure that you get your property entrance right, with a custom sliding gate from Sanctum.

Enjoy the confidence of working with a team that is obsessive about quality and design. We don’t do average well.

Our whole focus is on helping you capture the individuality and personality of your property, and then working with you to bring that to life.

Every Sanctum sliding gate is hand-crafted to fit your property perfectly.

From the frame to the infill panels, to the automation, to the accessories that make it function so well, we proceed step-by-step through the process to ensure a stunning result that will look great, work perfectly and protect your family and assets for years to come.

Best of all, an investment in a Sanctum sliding driveway gate will ensure your property is finished to the same high standards as the rest of the build.

A clear brief is the starting point…

At Sanctum, our preference is to do the job once, properly, and we generally specify robust, high-grade components as standard.

Our sliding driveway gates are finished to the same standard that we would do if we were installing them on our own homes.

There are some smart ways to cut budgets without cutting quality and we can help you navigate your options more fully during our preliminary discussions.

We start by confirming the exact size and design requirements for your gates.  Then we measure openings, wall heights, the slope on the driveway, and we confirm existing and planned finishes.

After collecting the essential data, we also help you to bring your vision to life by clarifying design objectives, colour options and functionality requirements.

Once we have a roadmap, we can get to work.

Screen design and finishing

One of the main things that sets Sanctum apart from other screen suppliers is the quality and detail in our artwork.

Our artist Meagan has a 30-year professional background in commercial design, and a crazy love of both graphic design and architecture.

We can extend any of our screen designs into large formats as required to be used in sliding driveway gate installations.

Often this requires seamlessly combining multiple images and / or creating new artwork from scratch.

Sometimes it is more practical to spread the one image across multiple panels, and we also have high-end ability to complete this process with the highest levels of detail and precision.

We will create artwork and supply detailed proofs for your approval prior to cutting anything.

To ensure the best quality results, we also regularly test cut components of the job in advance of supplying the artwork, just to be sure we can deliver you the best possible result.

We also have large capacity cutting equipment in-house and can supply screens up to 5200mm x 1800mm as a single panel if required. Obviously, there are some increased logistics and costs involved with creating and handling panels of this size, but they look fantastic and results speak for themselves.

Our sliding driveway gates are typically cut in high-grade 3mm aluminium – it’s a beautiful product that looks great, and will serve you well for many years.

For premium and commercial installations, we will commonly recommend using 4mm marine-grade aluminium.

It may not sound much, but 1mm of extra metal equates to 33% more bulk, with equivalent gains in strength and stiffness, and the finished results are truly stunning.

Once fabricated, all frames, screens, fittings and fixings are all powder coated to match in your choice of more than 100 Dulux or Interpon powder coat colours.

Prior to shipping, we will then assemble your screens into the frames, using adhesive sealant (which bonds the screens into the frames and kills any screen rattle), plus additional colour matched rivets for extra strength.



Most Sanctum sliding gates are fabricated from heavy duty, rust free aluminium extrusion.

The frames provide a rigid and robust structure to fit our screens to, and allows us to add the necessary functionality to make your gate work properly.

The most common configuration is to use a 100 x 50mm bottom rail, with 50 x 50mm side and top rails.

For added strength, we will commonly also add vertical middle rails.

A 300 – 400mm ‘tail’ is left on the bottom rail to accommodate the electronic motor when hidden behind the wall / fence.

The top rail of the gate uses a specially shaped extrusion with an extra L section on the back.

This L-shaped piece fits into a nylon slide block and holds the screen vertical when in use.

We leave an extra tail on the top rail as well, so we can keep the slide mechanism hidden from the street.

See the attached pics for more detail on how this works.

The simplest (and therefore most economical) way to then complete the gate is to screw screens to the face of the frame once complete.

From the road, the frame is hidden behind the screens, so we call this a HIDDEN FRAME.

Our most popular option adds another step to the framing.

The Sanctum signature gate takes the finish to another level of detail with the addition of a 20 x 20 x 3mm frame fixed inside the first.

Essentially this is a double frame made of heavy gauge aluminium.

This second frame forms a reveal, and the screens are fitted ‘into’ the main frame and against this inner frame. We call this a REVEAL FRAME or a FEATURE FRAME, as the design makes a feature of the frame.

The gate frame effective forms a picture frame around the screens, and all screen edges and corners are protected.

Take care and enjoy a straightforward installation with exceptional results

Sanctum has shipped large sliding gates to clients from Melbourne to Townsville, and have proven experience in safely packing and shipping items of this size.

We will supply your gate as a complete kit, fully assembled, and with all components ready-to-install.

Alternately, if you wish to use a local fabricator to make the frames and complete the installation, we are happy to simply supply the screening.

We can also provide detailed instructions on how to complete the install.

The process is relatively straightforward:

  • Fix the track to your driveway using anchors supplied
  • Stand the gate upright on the track
  • Fit the U bracket and slide block on the tail end – this will then safely hold the gate vertical
  • Install the receiver on the closing post – we will explain the alignment so the gate closes to the perfect position
  • Mount the toothed rail and the motor to complete the automation. Then get a licenced electrician to complete the final connection.

With 10 years of history and hundreds of gate installations behind us, we are very experienced in helping you achieve an exceptional result.

While we are primarily manufacturers, we also supply a comprehensive installation service for customers within 200km of our workshop.

Because we are used to working with screens every day, we will deliver and install your project to the highest standards.  We’ll always go the extra mile to ensure the best possible result.

Typically a multi-person job, this option includes labour, all fixings and sundries.

We bring many years of experience, a generous dose of OCD perfectionism, and a van full of tools.   We don’t leave until the job is done, and done right.

Assisting with custom gates + special projects

The bulk of our sliding gates are based on our wide range of screen designs. Sanctum also take on special projects and boutique gates from time to time.

We can also make high-end slatted gates, freeform top gates, swing gates, pedestrian gates, bifold and sliding doors, shade structures and the like.

We have high-end fabrication capabilities and a love of design and architecture.

If you have a special project, we’d love to talk.

The gates are on and they look awesome.
We love it.
Neighbours came over yesterday when it was being installed to say how much they loved our new fence especially the gates.
It finishes off the home beautifully. We are so happy!❤️
Thanks so much and hopefully we can send some more work your way in the future.
Happy Friday

Karli Mckeown / Bribie Island



If you prefer the minimalist look, then simply fit the screen off onto the face of the frame. 

We will modify the borders on the screen so they hide the frame from the front.  This ensures you are left with a clean, uninterrupted look to the face of your frame. 

This is also the recommended framing option for freeform gates.   In these installations, the freeform edge protrudes above the top rail of the gate frame.  This design feature ensures there is no interference in the organic look of the finished gate.  


When fitting decorative screens to our gates, we will commonly design the gate so the frame becomes a picture frame for the screen design. 

To achieve this, we weld an extra small frame made from 20 x 20mm square section aluminium inside the main frame.  We call this smaller internal frame a ‘reveal’.

We then fit the screens panels into the main frame and against the reveal.  This ensures the screen corners and borders are protected by the large outer frame, which remains fully visible from both sides. 

U bracket gate slider


While there are several sliding options for vehicle gates, a robust U bracket is our recommended option for all flat top gates (we use a slightly different configuration for our freeform installations).

Custom welded from super heavy duty 10mm aluminium plate, the U bracket fits over the top of the gate and holds the gate vertical at all times.

A nylon slide block links back edge of the top gate rail to the U bracket and allows the gate height to adjust automatically while operating.

The U bracket also serves as an extra safety feature.  It does this by holding the gate vertical even in the extremely unlikely event the slide block should fail.

On very large gates and in commercial applications, we will install a pair of U brackets on each gate for added redundancy.  The second bracket provides a total backup, so the gate/s continue to perform perfectly, month after month, year after year.

Sanctum sliding gate receiver


The gate closes into a heavy-duty 10mm thick welded bracket called the receiver, which holds it secure and in alignment while protecting your property.

Standard gate receivers have a relatively narrow mouth, which works OK most of the time with regular slatted gates.

Sanctum screen gates are heavier and have a larger surface area than some gates.  Therefore there is a greater likelihood they can sway a little more when closing, particularly in heavy winds. To ensure your Sanctum gate remains functional in all weather conditions, we extend and widen the mouth of our receivers.  We do this by welding extra aluminium plate onto the tongues on and adding extra mounting brackets to ensure a premium quality installation.

This ensures that the gate always finds its way home and snug into the receiver.


Most sliding driveway gates are installed with automation at the same time – simply press a button for immediate, near silent access.

A toothed, steel-core rack is screwed to the bottom rail of the gate, which aligns with a matching gear on the motor.

We extend the top and bottom rail on the gate. These allow the motor to be tucked down behind the side wall/ post for your gate, so they are not visible from the street when operating, or when closed.

We offer a range of tracking and automation solutions, including 12 / 24 / 240v systems, solar power, commercially rated motors for heavy-duty use, stacking gate systems for tight access sites, and high tech interfaces using Bluetooth and mobile technologies.


Sanctum is commonly asked to supply sliding driveway gates to be installed in harsh environments and / or high demand applications e.g. multi-residential communities with heavy usage 24 / 7.

We are obsessive perfectionists and have a range of upgrades and extra features available which will ensure stunning looking gates and many years of hassle-free service.

We will commonly use 4mm marine-grade aluminium for extra stiffness in the screening, add extra brackets and bracing, and specify higher rated motors with unlimited duty cycles.


While Sanctum is best known for our decorative screening and gates, our high-end fabrication facilities also allow us to make bespoke gates to any configuration or specification.

When making slatted gates, we cut every slat into the frame with computer precision, and conceal all welds in discreet locations hidden from view.

Using a creative combination of computer cutting and traditional fabrication skills, we can achieve the highest levels of quality while still maintaining that warm, hand-crafted feel.


Aluminium is notoriously difficult to paint with regular paints.  Because of this, powder coating is the recommended coating process for aluminium.  Unless otherwise requested (we do supply raw screens to trade customers for their projects) all Sanctum aluminium screens are supplied powder coated to your colour requirements.

Powder coating is the application of dry powder to metal surfaces which is then fused together when heated. The solid particles of powder, comprising resins, pigments and fillers are electrostatically charged in a spray gun and misted by low-velocity air to the surface of the part to be coated.