there’s Nothing pedestrian about our gates

Keep your family, pets and assets safe… and keep your individuality at the same time.
Sanctum pedestrian gates are a functional work of art – hand crafted to the highest standards.

Secure your domain, abandon boring predictability… and add a truly individual signature statement with stunning Sanctum pedestrian gates.

Sanctum allows you to convert any of our stunning screen designs into premium quality pedestrian gates to complement your property perfectly.

We can help with every aspect of the process from the ground up, in any residential or commercial application, including design, fabrication and installation.

What makes a Sanctum pedestrian gate different? 

All too often, gates are an afterthought – forgotten about until they become urgent.  For Sanctum, they are a central part of our business, and we have many years of experience in helping you create uniquely individual gate options that fit your lifestyle perfectly.

We start by working with you to understand your requirements accurately.  We confirm the specifications, measurements, security requirements and finishing details.  From there, we bring your pedestrian gate to life.

Our most popular gates are made with lightweight, rust free aluminium frames, made to fit your space perfectly.  We fully weld the corners, flush sand and hand finish every join to the highest standards.

Sanctum gate frames are typically 40 x 40mm extrusion for residential gates, and 50 x 50mm extrusion for commercial grade gates, though other options are limited only by the imagination.

Most gates are also supplied with matching heavy duty side posts.  We use 50 x 50 x 3mm extrusion as standard.  These are much stronger / stiffer than the equivalent 1.6mm posts commonly supplied at discount retailers.  Posts include metal top caps, and are powder coated to match your screen.

Can we supply a complete gate?

Yes, we can supply and install a complete gate; we can supply a kit for you to DIY (or get your builder or landscaper to install), or we can simply supply the pieces you need to refurbish an existing gate.

To complete your pedestrian gate, our preference is always to supply robust, good quality hardware.

We typically use heavy duty self closing gate hinges – a frame mounted polymer / stainless steel assembly by D&D Technologies. These are excellent quality and very easy to install.

The most common lock we supply for pedestrian side gates is a matching D&D key lockable latch.  This is frame mounted (which eliminates the extra expense of a lock box to house a standard lock).  It is accessible and key lockable from both sides.

We can also fit a conventional lock to any swing gate – the most popular choice for entrance gates. To achieve this, we weld a lock box into the frame, and then fit a regular ball or lever access lock, or a combination lockset for keyless entry.

This includes:

  • Welding an aluminium box into the gate frame to house the lock assembly
  • Modifying the screen to fit around the lock box
  • Adding a ‘striker plate’ to the receiver post – this stops the gate in the correct position when swinging closed and makes sure the gate is always aligned perfectly when the gate is closed.
  • If you are fitting an intercom or remote access system, we can add an electric striker to your gates.  This is precision cut into the post, and allows you to wire up electrical connection for push button or smartphone access.
  • We typically use a good quality lever or ball handle lock to the lock box. There is enormous variation in lock specifications / pricing, so we are happy to discuss specifics prior to proceeding.

Palm Springs pedestrian gate with matching fence panels.



HIDE the frame, and make the screen the hero

If you prefer the minimalist look, then simply fit the screen off onto the face of the frame.  The borders on the screen hide the frame, and you are left with a clean, uninterupted look to the face of your frame.  This is also the recommended framing option for freeform gates.


Make your gate frame a feature…

If you would like an exposed frame for your gate, then select our FEATURE FRAME.  Your custom screen sits into the frame, leaving a visible framed border when installed. All corners and edges of the screens are therefore well protected.

Add strength with a COMMERCIAL grade gate frame 

For a more robust gate, we can make your frame from 50 x 50mm extrusion, in either HIDDEN or FEATURE frame configurations.  These are ideal for commercial and heavy use residential applications.

Heavy-duty self-closing D&D hinges

Self closing hinges

Our strong preference for hinges is these heavy-duty, self-closing hinges from D&D.   Made of super-strong polymer and stainless steel, they will never rust, bind, sag or stain. These will handle any gate up to 70kg.  They offer loads of tolerance, are very easy to install and are near on bulletproof.  Fixings are concealed behind decorative covers for optimum presentation. Closing speed is adjustable at the turn of a screwdriver.  A more discreet, smaller alternative (rated to 30kg gates) is also available if preferred.


Frame mounted key lockable latch

Our most popular pedestrian gate latch is the key lockable D&D Lokklatch Deluxe.
This lock is frame mounted (eliminating the need for a lock box), and is accessible / key lockable from both sides.  It is relatively easy to install, offers plenty of tolerance and has proven an extremely effective, reliable latch option.

We stock a large range of gate hinge and gate latch options to suit any budget and security requirement.

Lockbox and lever handle LOCKSET

Add any lock to your Sanctum gate, by welding an additional lockbox to the frame – an oversize cavity which holds the lock mechanism.   We normally supply a heavy-duty lever handle lock to fit this lockbox, which can be configured to your requirements.  Alternately, we can also fit ball handle, mortice (frame-mounted into 50mm frames), combination / keypad  and / or disabled access locks if preferred.

Electric strikers 

If you are installing a gate with remote access, then an electric stiker is essential.  We will precision cut the striker into the post prior to powder coating.  We also  weld a striker plate to the post.  This helps hold the gate in alignment when closed, stops the gate from over-rotating, and helps prevent people accessing the lock from outside to break in.  We will install the striker, ready for your electrician to connect when ready.

Fully installed, ready-to-go kits,
or DIY

Sanctum pedestrian gates are designed to look great and work brilliantly.  Because they are made to order, you can be confident they will fit perfectly.   We will work with you to make sure we have a complete understanding of your requirements and can supply all the components as a complete kit, ready to install.  We also offer an installation service for clients within a 200km drive of our Brisbane workshop.

Custom gates
no problem

In addition to our standard range of decorative gates, Sanctum can also fabricate a range of custom gates, including premium slatted gates, pool safe and high privacy gates, and freeform gates with irregular tops.  We can also supply decorative corten steel gates to order.  Regardless of what you require, you can be confident your Sanctum pedestrian gate is a work of art, and finished to the highest standards.

Custom slatted pedestrian gate

Many thanks for all the care and attention that you both gave to my job. My screens are a work of art because of you both!  Thank you.

I’m one very happy girl !  Honestly I don’t know how I pull myself away each week to come to work ! 

I also want to remind you both that if you are ever up Bundy way, please call me and we can arrange a catch up – on the deck of course !


Judy K / Bundaberg

My requirements are a little different?  Can Sanctum help? 

Of course.  All Sanctum gates are proudly made to order, and hand crafted right here in Queensland.

In addition to decorative aluminium gates, we also supply boutique slatted gates, pool safe options, corten steel gates, sliding and bilfold doors and a full range of gate automation options.

We can supply matching gates, screens, pergolas, pavilions and architectural elements as required.

We offer an extensive range of hinge and latch options to suit any application.

Find out how easy it is to make a spectacular first impression, stand out from your neighbours, and add serious extra value to your most valuable asset.

We offer several different profiles – see the cutaway drawings for a fuller explanation of our HIDDEN and FEATURE frame options.

Once we make the frame, we then resize a Sanctum screen design to suit.   We can supply any of our designs as a pedestrian gate panel, including decorative screens, high privacy / pool safe options, perforated screens, and even our freeform panels with irregular tops.

Screens are cut in our Brisbane workshop, hand finished, and then powder coated in your choice of more than 100 standard Dulux / Interpon colours.

Screens are then fitted to the frame using adhesive sealant (for strength and to shut down any screen rattle), and also riveted in place for additional strength.

Hamptons design Sanctum Screens Aluminium
Bahamas design Sanctum Screens Aluminium

Choose from more than 60+ versatile designs to suit every application

Sanctum is all about stunning, well thought-through design.   We offer a range of decorative, high blockout privacy, high detail, pool safe, freeform (with irregular edges) and perforated screen options for every application.   Screens can be purchased in a range of standard size configurations, custom resized to your exact requirements, or we can design multiple screens – each different – which combine to form oversize panels of unique garden artwork – great for large gates, facades and extended boundary screening.