Standoffs provide an easy and affordable way to mount any screen off the wall + add great looking shadows to your installation

If you are looking for a great way to mount screens on a flat wall or fence, then standoffs and/or spacers may be the perfect option for you.
One of the most common comments we receive is about the amazing shadows our screens throw, which change all day every day as the sun / light sources change.  
These shadows give a softer, three dimensional effect to your screens, and provide a very sophisticated installation with a minimum of fuss, cost or effort. 
Our standoffs provide an easy way to mount any flat Weathertex hardwood timber, aluminium, or corten steel screen 25mm off the wall, and allow your screens to create these shadows automatically.  
Made from high grade stainless steel, standoffs are very easy to install, and provide a great looking, robust installation option on any flat wall.

How to achieve a greater mounting depth off the wall?

From experience, 25mm is the most popular length for standoffs.  However, there is sometimes a need to achieve a greater mounting depth off the wall (for example, if you are trying to stand the screens out beyond a window sill.)
If you wish to achieve a greater mounting depth than 25mm, we can supply spacers and decorative caps as an alternative to standoffs.  While these are not as heavy duty as the stainless steel standoff, they effectively do the same job, look almost identical when installed, and are a bit cheaper as well.  
Rather than using a solid stainless steel barrel to hold the screen off the wall, our spacers are cut from 19mm aluminium tube to your desired length (up to 65mm long).  
Screens are drilled, and a screw goes through a threaded washer, the screen and the spacer into the wall. 
The decorative cap then simply finger screws onto the washer, hiding the fixing head in much the same way they are concealed with a stainless steel standoff.  
Like the standoffs, we recommend fitting every 600mm around the perimeter of a timber screen (800mm spacings for aluminium screens).   So as a guide you will need 10 for each 1800 x 1200mm screen.   
To ensure we supply the right items, it’s important to advise the desired length when ordering spacers and decorative caps.