In-house design + fabrication facilities

Add another level of magic to your Sanctum screens with professional framing, fabrication and installation options…

If you’d like to use Sanctum screens in an upcoming project, then our fabrication resources help add the finishing touches to ensure a stunning result.

Sanctum screens are a versatile product, designed and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure a great looking result for builders, landscapers, designers, handymen and weekend warriors alike.  Our aim is to deliver you amazing results – consistently, quickly and affordably.

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is ‘These look awesome – so how do I install them?’.

In reality, results are limited only by the imagination, and we’re at your service to help you get the best out of your investment in Sanctum screens.

In addition to superb quality screens in a virtually unlimited range of design, size and colour options, we also provide a range of framing, fabrication and installation options that allow anyone to achieve a stunning result literally within a few hours.

One of Sanctum’s main strengths is our deep in-house design and fabrication capabilities, with decades of combined experience at your service.

Our design team have decades of real world commercial design experience, and we go to exceptional lengths to add the detail to achieve spectacular results.

Specialist design services include:
  • Combining multiple different panels into continuous lengths of spectacular artwork
  • Transforming screens into workable structures like sliding doors, gates, fence panels, and bespoke furniture.
  • Custom design of specialist frames and fittings for specific projects, including bollards, disabled gates, pavilions and pergolas, and the like.

In addition to our design team, Sanctum have deep fabrication experience and a full range of high end metal working equipment necessary to bring your projects to life.

We manufacture and supply a wide range of specific fabricated frames, structures and accessories to make installation as easy and straightforward as possible.

Here are just some of the ways our fabrication team can assist you in achieving a stunning result using Sanctum screens. 


FOLDED EDGES add rigidity and eliminate framing

Folding is one of the most popular fabrication options we offer on metal screens – it converts flat sheets into a whole lot of useable options, and significantly reduces additional framing requirements and labour costs.
We will commonly fold the edges of screens to create very effective fencing and screening options, or we can fold complete structures up like furniture, bin screens, lightboxes and garden artwork.
All folded corners are welded and flush sanded for a premium finish prior to powder coating.  Folding is an incredibly versatile installation option, and provides some lovely detail to any installation.

Click for more detail on FOLDING


We can fabricate single or multiple panel frames to suit any screening combination.  We only use high grade extrusions, made to fit your screen installation exactly.
Our most popular framing options are welded from 40 x 40mm extrusion, which is conveniently hidden behind the 45mm border standard on all Sanctum screens.
We can add legs (to concrete into the ground), footplates (to bolt to a deck or slab), or modify into a range of other versatile configurations.
We also fabricate an extensive range of framing using other extrusion profiles custom fitted to your project.
All frames are flush-sanded and hand finished prior to powder coating for a beautiful made-to measure look.


The most economical way to fill large areas is to fabricate framing to fit the space.   We run a heavy duty 40 x 40mm cross rail the full width across the space, top and bottom, and fixed to wall or posts using cast aluminium brackets.
We can supply these fully assembled in our workshop.
The system looks brilliant, offers loads of tolerance all round, and is ideal for DIY installation.
For further information on our CROSS RAILS + MOUNTING BRACKET SYSTEM


If you would like to cover a window with one of more screens, then the most effective option is to allow some space between the wall and the screen. This space lets natural light penetrate, plus allows space to clean the glass when required.
To achieve this we can supply oversize frames larger than the window opening, with short welded legs to mount off the wall.
Legs have discreet footplates to bolt to the wall, or if clearance space is limited, we can supply removable legs which can be fixed first before the main frame is fitted.


When mounting screens to a flat wall or fence, they look best if a little space is left between the screens and the wall behind.
An easy way to do this is to use standoffs and / or spacers behind the screen.
Simply screw the spacer or standoff to the wall and then fit the screen.  Decorative caps conceal any fixings for a great looking finished result.

Click here for further details on SPACERS + STANDOFFS


If you would prefer not to use standoffs or you would like to backlight your screen/s, Sanctum offers an alternate very easy way to mount an aluminium screen on a wall or fence.
We can fold all the edges of the screen, effectively making a shallow box to hang on the wall.   We then weld the corners and sand to a flush finish prior to powder coating for extra strength and premium presentation.
We can then supply a powder coated rail, which is screwed to the wall. The folded top edge of the screen then hangs on the rail, and is secured by countersunk stainless steel fastenings on the top edge, for a near invisible fitment.


As a general guide, Sanctum screens are heavier and more solid than lightweight options like tubular pool fence, so heavy duty posts are recommended for best results.
Our standard 50 x 50mm posts are made from 3mm thick aluminium, so these are much stronger / stiffer than the equivalent 1.6mm or 2mm posts commonly supplied at discount retailers.
All Sanctum posts are supplied with metal top caps, flush fitted to match the post.  All posts are then hand finished prior to powder coating to match your screens.
If used as side posts for a gate, they are commonly bolted to wall or post, and fixings are included.
If required, we can add welded footplates to the posts, to allow them to be bolted freestanding onto a concrete slab or deck.
We can also supplier larger, stiffer, heavy duty 65 x 65mm or 100 x 100mm posts if preferred.


One of our most common customer requests is to install screens with minimal interference from frames or posts.  An easy and affordable way to achive this is to combine POSTS and FOLDS.
Simply fold the top and bottom edges of the screen/s, and leave the sides unfolded – this gives the screens stiffness without incurring the costs of welding frames up.   We then notch the corners of the folds, to fit around the posts.
Simply fit the screen to the face of the post, and fix in place with adhesive sealant and rivets or screws.
We will adjust the borders on the screens when we make them to ensure they cover the posts fully.  Where two screens join on a post, we reduce the size of the borders, and adjust the design to maximise the screen area and optimise the flow of the artwork across the join.


If you wish to install your screen between posts, and leave the posts exposed, then combine POSTS and FOLDING for best results.
Simply fold all four sides of any metal screen.   Then simply position the screen against the side of the post, and fix into place using the colour matched screws supplied.
For best results, we normally set the screen 10 – 15mm back from the front face of the post, to provide a neat shadowline and give the posts extra prominence.
If you are supporting a large screen / fence area and / or taller panels, then you may also wish to consider upgrading to our heavier duty 65mm x 65mm posts for a stiffer structure and premium visual effect.

SCREENING OR FENCING USING FLANGED POSTS – ideal for sloping or irregular sites

If you are dealing with a sloping site, or you have an irregular space e.g. a wall or fence is out of plumb, then you can use our flanged post system to easily install screens and fence panels.
We supply custom welded fence posts, with heavy duty footplates as necessary to be bolted to a slab or wall.   Footplates can be centrally fitted or offset as required.  Posts have slotted flanges welded on as necessary.  The slots in the flanges correspond with matching slots in the screens, which allow up to 35mm of movement on each joint.  Panels are fixed in place with stainless steel bolts and locknuts, all powder coated to match the screens.  The slotted flanging system delivers a great looking installation while also offering generous tolerance, and accommodates uneven ground / sloping installations.
Flanges can also be custom added to allow stepped installations, and / or removed to allow gates to be installed as part of the system.


If you would like to hide the background, or add a slash of colour behind your screen/s, backing boards provide an easy and effective option.  You can use any substrate like blueboard or marine ply.
Our preference is 3mm aluminium composite panel – a thin, lightweight, UV stable board that paints beautifully and is thinner and more discreet than most other options.
We supply these trimmed to size and ready to paint.  Simply remove the protective film, rough the surface slightly with a 120 grit sandpaper, and paint away.   We recommend a primer for best long term results, then your choice of top coats.
If you want a bright colour, New Zealand brand Resene Paints offers some fabulous options, and their pigments are more lively than many of the other brands.


Sanctum screens can be used very effectively in a wall cavity between two rooms, creating a defined space while softening the large wall area and allowing filtered light and natural airflow between spaces.
We can cut a screen to fit virtually any opening size.  This can be held in place using timber mouldings fitted to either side of the screen, and painted to match the wall.
We can provide an alternate framing option using discreet aluminium frames.  To fit the screen into the middle of the opening, we would weld a pair of aluminium frames from 12 x 12mm square section aluminium.  SImply screw one frame into the centreline of the cavity, push the screen against it, and then us the second frame to sandwich the screen firmly in place.
One frame would be fitted to either side of the screen, so it looks identical from both sides.
These frames would be welded to fit the space, hand finished, and powder coated to match the screen. Includes colour matched fixings to hold the frames in place.


Any Sanctum screen can be converted into a great looking pedestrian gate, in either powder coated aluminium or corten steel.  We can supply a range of gate frames in standard, versatile sizes, or we can fabricate a custom frame to your exact requirements.
Residential gate frames are typically welded from 40 x 40mm extrusion, or we can supply heavy duty commercial grade options welded from 50 x 50mm extrusion.   Screens are custom resized to fit.
We typically supply gates as a full kit, complete with side posts, latch and hinge options, and a range of other accessories and options.

For more details on PEDESTRIAN GATES, click here


If you are looking to create a spectalar entry statement to your home, then a Sanctum sliding or swing gate entrance gate is a perfect starting point.
We start with heavy guage, fully welded frames custom fitted to your exact requirements.   These are fitted with precision cut screens in your choice of more than 50 designs.   We can also cut large feature panels up to 5250 x 1800mm AS A SINGLE SCREEN, to transform your gate into an extraordinary piece of street art.
Functionality and durability are enhanced by quality accessories and fittings, including several components that we designed and custom fabricate.
Every piece is hand finished and powder coated to the highest standards, and we can supply installation and /or automation on request.

Click for the full story on sliding VEHICLE GATES Click for full details on DOUBLE ENTRANCE SWING GATES


We are commonly asked about options for sliding door panels, and we are pleased to be able to offer an exceptional overhead tracking system to suit our screens.
This includes options for sliding, stacking and bilfold panels, and we can comfortably handle weights up to  250kg per panel.
High grade cast alloy fittings, stainless steel bearings and an exceptional range of hinge, lock and pivot optons ensure that if you can imagine it, we can fabricate
We will make individual framed door panels to your exact specifcations, and then fit and fine tune the relevant hinging and tracking system to best fit your needs.


Aluminium is an incredibly versatile material, and has a tremendous diversiy of applications.
In addition to using flat sheets and welds / folds, we can also shape aluminium into a number of different forms through bending and rolling.
Using specialist machinery that applies literally tonnes of pressure, we can roll extrusions into a whole range of shapes.   Screens can be simply cut or flexed around the curve and fixed in place, or if a more fluid effect is desired, we can roll the sheets to the desired curvature.
Curved table legs, arching screens, bow top gates, fluid shaped sun shades… usage is limited only by the imagination.


Lighting is a secret weapon for screening, and delivers some delightful results.  Depending on the results you want to achieve, LED offers some great options to bring your screens to life.
Because of all the variables involved, Sanctum prefer to work with lighting specialist who can provide specialist advice and equipment to achieve the best results.
Once we are given clear instructions as to your desired outcome, we can work with you and the lighting professional to design and fabricate framing and install the project to work seamlessly with your lighting plan.


If you are looking to create shade and reduce heat, then screens offer an exceptionally good option.
Aside from throwing wonderful shadowing which dances all day as the light sun moves, a 60% blockout screen will trap around 60% of the heat at the screen face.  This can make a world of difference to the liveability of your home and your outdoor spaces.
Screens can easily be installed on an existing pergola or shade structure, or we can fabricate a complete new structure to suit your application.
For screening, 3mm thick sheets can be fitted when supported at up to 600mm spans, while we recommend 4mm thick substrate on spans from 650 – 1200mm.  This ensures the screens stay pancake flat without bellying or sag.
To support screens in a new installation, we fabricate large cantilevered L posts as a regular product, with heavy duty reinforcements internally concealed in the welded corners.
Our skilled fabrication team can also design and supply awnings, pavilions, pergolas and share structures to any specification.


Aluminium is a fabulous material, and can deliver some stunning results in skilled hands.  Our fabricators are magicians with aluminium, and we regularly convert flat sheets of aluminium into some striking pieces of furniture and artwork.
To achieve the flowing lines, we will often weld the full length of seams and joins, then flush sand and hand finish.   This is a very technically challenging process, as the heat involved will quickly warp and distort the surfaces unless great care is taken.
When done right, multiple pieces of metal are blended and combined to achieve beautiful flowing structures with seamless corners and sculpted curves.
From experience, it is the attention to detail which delivers the most impact, and we are proud to offer a range of totems, seating, furniture and architectural elements which all showcase the amazing skills of our very talented team.


When installing timber screens, you ideally need to support the screen/s at maximum 600mm intervals around the perimeter.  We can fold the edges of metal screens to provide support, but unfortunately timber screens will need additional bracing to remove the natural flex in the sheets.
In smaller spans, we can supply an aluminium U channel, which simply fits over the edge of the screen to reduce flex and prevent damage.  Simply apply a bead of adhesive sealant to the inside of the channel, and push it onto the edge of the screen.  Once cured, it provides a durable, long-life reinforcement, and is ideal for stiffening unsupported edges or spanning up to 1200mm between posts.
The U channel extrusion can be cut to length and supplied in mill finish, or powder coated to match your screens.  Please note that if supplied in mill finish, there may be marks from handling and cutting to size, so additional finishing is recommended.