Folding… the easiest and most economical way
to add rigidity to metal screens… and make installation easier

There are several ways of fitting our aluminium and corten steel screens. 
Instead of building frames, it can often be more functional and cost-effective to simply fold the edges of the screens.

By adding a simple 90 degree fold to the edge of the screen, you can create significant rigidity, and reduce or eliminate the need for framing. 
Depending on your application, there are a number of ways these folds can be used:
  • We can add cross rails to this system, which is perfect for infills into front fences and masonry walls.
  • We can fold all the edges of the screen, effectively making a shallow box.  When we do this, we then weld the corners and sand to a flush finish prior to powder coating for extra strength and premium presentation.  
  • To install between a wall and / or posts, you can simply screw through the sides of the fold.  This gives you a seamless, fixing free finish from the face side.
  • The shallow box structure also makes it very easy to hang the screen on a wall or fence.   We have several simple mounting options that work very well.
  • You can then also use this structure as the basis for an excellent lightbox.
Angled bottom edge eliminates toe-hold
  • With careful planning, we can also use folds to fabricate complete structures like bin screens, window shades and pool pump enclosures. 
  • A second fold can be added if desired, which stiffens up the panels exceptionally.  
Folds are available on screens up to 3000mm long – please call for options on screens longer than 3000mm.  
Each fold reduces the overall width of the panel by the corresponding amount.