Turn any Sanctum screen design
into stunning decorative fence panels,
+ transform ordinary into WOW!

If you are after something different for your fencing, you’re in the right place.

Our focus is on helping you create something special for your next project, and decorative fence panels are a big part of what we do.

It’s easy to treat fencing as an afterthought, but ultimately, fencing is an essential part of virtually every property.   Boundaries need to be clearly defined.  Assets and family need to be protected.  Pets stopped from roaming.  Neighbour’s nosiness kept in check.  Fences are an essential part of our Australian lifestyle.

If your desire is to escape the same humdrum Colorbond fences, avoid the vanilla flavour of aluminium slats, and dodge the costs and complications of masonry walls, Sanctum offers an exciting alternative.

We create WOW!    We are all about creative installations based around decorative fence panels. 

Usage is limited only by the imagination.  Here are just some of the ways that we can help you incorporate effective screening into your upcoming fencing project.


Screens folded and fixed to feature posts

Screens notched around posts

Turn standard screen designs into stunning fence panels

Sanctum can transform any screen design into decorative fence panels.  The easiest and most economical way of doing this is by folding the top and bottom edges of each screen.  A small 25 – 40mm fold (25mm is our standard size, but we can add any size fold to order) creates stiffness across the unsupported span of each panel, and eliminates the need for welded frames.  Then simply fix the screens over the face of each post (also supplied by Sanctum), and fix with glue, screws and / or rivets.

If you want to hide the posts, we notch the corners of each fold before we powder coat, which allows the posts to run through from top to bottom (see the inset pic for a close up shot). 

If you would like to make the posts a feature, we can fold the sides of each panel as well.  Then align the panel with the top of the post, and simply screw through the sides of the folds into the posts.

We can help you work out the best way to fit your fence panels for your project, and supply resized panels to make the job look superbly professional and custom fitted.   Every post, fixing and accessory can be supplied and powder coated to match, and to complete the job to the highest standard.


Screens folded on all sides and fixed directly to rendered wall

Turn screens into infill panels in masonry walls

Drive around any new estate, and it’s often hard not to be overwhelmed by the sea of masonry walls with aluminium slat infill panels.  Each house looks so similar to another ten in the street, and imagination takes a back seat.

There is an immediate opportunity to lift your property above this ocean of averageness, adding value and injecting your own personality into what is ultimately the first thing people will see on your home.

We can supply decorative fence panels as infills to fit into gaps in any masonry walls.  If you choose an image-based design, each panel will be cut and supplied with a different piece of artwork, that all work together as a matched set.   This creates a premium custom look that reflects your personality, adding instant street appeal and creating total differentiation from every neighbour.  

To give the panels stiffness, we add a small 25mm fold to all sides of each screen.  All corners are welded and hand finished for an upmarket finish prior to powder coating.  Panels are all cut to fit perfectly and simply slip into place.  To fit, simply screw through the sides of the fold into the wall using the colour matched fixings supplied.  As the fold is to the back of screen, all fixings will be hidden from the street, and the finished result is truly first class.


Flanged posts and slotted screens allow loads of tolerance in irregular spaces, and on sloping sites

If you are looking to fence a sloping site, or you are dealing with spacing irregularities e.g. the boundary fence is not square or plumb, then Sanctum can supply a decorative fence panel system to suit.    

We supply posts with slotted flanges welded to them, and then modify the fence panels to work with these flanges.

We fold the top and bottom edge of each fence panel, as we do for regular fencing.  We then add an extra set of slots on the side of each panel.   These align with matched slots on the post flanges.  Screens are fitted to the flanges using stainless steel bolts and locknuts, all powder coated to match the screens.  Our slot system allows for up to 25mm of vertical and 25mm of horizontal movement on each panel, so there is enormous flexibility. 

If you are working on a sloped site, we can cut the panels to fit the slope, and or we can step the panels, across the fall, so that you still end up with a great looking, premium quality end result.


Play a little, and combine elements for maximum visual effect

One of the best things about Sanctum screens is their incredible versatility.  Our screens can be cut, mixed and matched in an infinite number of combinations, and usage is only limited by your imagination. 

This makes it incredibly easy to create brilliant, totally unique result that totally reflect your personality, achieve specific architectural outcomes and add a significant point of difference to your property.

Here are just a handful of ways that you can mix it up a little on your next fencing project.

To complete your front fencing project, Sanctum offers the opportunity to combine your fencing panels with sliding vehicle gates, double entrance gates and / or pedestrian gates

We commonly supply a combination gate and side panel/s to fill in the side space between a home and the boundary fence.  These combinations allow you to leave low level landscaping at the front of the home, and still create family and pet friendly zones to the sides and rear. 

We have a variety of framing, hinging and latch options to make our screens work as decorative fence panels and gates in virtually any application.

Sanctum decorative fence panels can be used as balustrading around a deck, or on a stairwell, and handrail options can be added as required.

Instead of restricting yourself to a standard, square-top fence, why not use multiple freeform panels (link) to achieve a softer, more natural look.  

We can also make decorative fence panels into pool fencing.  Click the link for more detailed information.