now that’s how FENCE EXTENSIONS should look… 

Reclaim your privacy by using our versatile system to convert any Sanctum screen design into great looking fence extensions 

How our Sanctum fence extension system works

If you are looking to extend the height of a wall or fence without the expense or inconvenience of rebuilding, then a Sanctum fence extension may be a perfect solution.  

A Sanctum fence extension will: 

  • Provide a great looking, durable screen option which fits your space and lifestyle perfectly
  • Add privacy – instantly 
  • Reclaim private space
  • Hide nosy neighbours, ugly sheds and all the next door junk 
  • Block heat and reduce the impact of weather 
  • Still allow natural breezes and airflow 

Our fence extension system is essentially a mini-fence built on top of your existing structure.  This adds extra height and aesthetic appeal, while reducing noise and visual impact significantly.   

Design a fence extension system that works for you

Wherever possible, we look to use your existing structure as the base, to keep your costs down. 

If your current fence is not stable enough or is otherwise unsuitable (perhaps you have a body corporate restriction or a dispute with your neighbour???), then we can add extra posts or framing to make our fence extension panels self-supporting, and they can be installed independently of the existing structure.  

We start by making posts to sut your application, using 40 x 40mm or 50 x 50mm extrusion (depending on the size of the extension).   

These can be top mounted onto a masonry wall using footplates, or face mounted to a fence. 

We then design and cut decorative screen panels to fit.  Screens are cut in any of more than 50 standard Sanctum designs – including a range of high privacy and pool safe options.

To stiffen the panels and remove flex, we fold the top and bottom edges of each screen.  

Once the various elements are manufactured, we then hand finish them all, prior to powder coating in your choice of more than 100 standard Dulux or Interpon colours.  Posts and fixings are all powder coated to match the screens 

To complete the installation, then simply face fix screens to the posts, giving you a seamless flow of artwork along the length of your fence.   

For best results we recommend using adhesive sealant to glue the the panels to the posts (this creates a chemical bond and eliminates any screen rattle).  We then recommend also using colour matched rivets for an additional mechanical bond.  

This system provides a robust and durable structure that will safely withstand the harshest conditions.     

How high can your Sanctum fence extension be? 

Sanctum can build fences to any height (subject to relevant building codes and planning approvals).

Due to the favourable use of the sheet sizes we cut from, the most economical heights for fence extensions are: 

  • 550mm high (mounted 50mm above a wall, to give a 600mm extension) 
  • 700mm high (mounted 50mm above a wall, to give a 750mm high extension)
  • 1150mm high (mounted 50mm above a wall, to give a 1200mm high extension)
  • 1450mm high (mounted 50mm above a wall to give a 1500mm high extension) 

Panels can be up to 3000mm long between posts.  We will commonly resize panels so that our post locations match them spacings of your existing opening perfectly.  

These sizes are only guidelines.  As our fence extensions are essentially a small scale fence, we can manufacture them to suit your specific application.

Keep the posts hidden

If you want a seamless flow of artwork and minimum intrusion from the posts, then simply face fix the screens to the front of the posts.  We minimise the internal screen borders to maximise the art area.  

Make your posts a feature

It is also possible to highlight your posts as part of your installation.  We fold the side edges of each panel.  Then when installing, simply screw through the sides of the fold into the side of the post.  Offset the screen back by 10 – 15mm to enhance the posts further.

Perfect fit – every time

While all Sanctum screens are hand finished, they are cut by computer with pinpoint accuracy.  Patterns align from screen to screen, and folded edges give a beautifully precise, streamlined finish.