Big results… without big headches or big budgets… 

If you’re looking to install large screen walls using one or more panels, Sanctum’s cross rail installation system offers a versatile solution which may be perfect for your application. 

One of the easiest and most popular options is to build a simple frame to fit the available space and then mount screens to that frame.

By using our cross rail installation system, you can order your screen wall as a complete structure.  We can supply made-to-measure, fully framed panels that are designed to slot straight into the available space.   Quick to install, they deliver a spectacular result in just a couple of hours.  

Sanctum can supply the custom fitted frame, matching screens cut to fit the frame perfectly, and can pre-assemble the whole structure in our workshop prior to delivery.

Our crazy simple cross rail installation option makes it very easy for anyone with basic handyman skills to fit the frames and achieve a stunning result.

How the Sanctum system makes screen walls so easy…

Sanctum ships screens all over Australia, so we have spent an enormous amount of time and energy working out how to make the process simple and reliable.  There’s nothing worse than nasty surprises at install time.

Start by accurately measuring the space/s to be screened.  It can be a single screen on the side of a balcony, or between pergola posts, or it can be a much larger area that will require multiple panels to achieve the desired result.

The secret to Sanctum’s simple cross rail installation system is that we leave plenty of tolerance right around the screen. 

Once we know the measurements, we cut cross rails from heavy gauge square section aluminium, that run from one side of the opening to the other, which form the core structure for the screen wall.  When installed, these cross rails will be securely fixed in place using cast alloy mounting lugs and galvanised screws.  All framing, brackets and fixings are powder coated to match the screens perfectly.

These cross rails are designed to suspend the screen/s in place, without them sitting hard on the edge of the opening.  We normally allow 50 – 100mm space below the screen.  This space allows for airflow and cleaning tools to be used between the screens and the base surface, and prevents the screens catching dirt, leaf matter or water which may cause rot or drainage issues.

We also allow a similar 50mm space up the side of each screen, so there is a gap right around the screening.  This allows loads of tolerance if a measurement is not quite right, or if a wall or post is not plumb.  Essentially, we plan to have the screen wall suspended in the open space, with even spacing on all sides.

Once our spacings are correct, we can cut and fit our screen/s.

Sanctum offers multiple variations using our cross rail installation system for your new project

  • For screens up to 4500mm wide x 1500mm wide (the limit of our sheet size) – we can fit a SINGLE SCREEN to the cross rails. We design the screen to suit, and allow an extra provision for folding the vertical edges.  As a result, screen stiffness is increased sgnificantly without the need for additional welding.
  • For screens greater than 1500mm tall, we actually weld vertical rails to our cross rails to make a full frame. We then fit MULTIPLE PANELS to this frame, with screens fitted vertically to create additional height. 
  • Artwork is typically customised to fit each space. The outside borders on each screen are designed to fully cover the framing when installed, while the internal borders are made narrower when they join, to maximise the overall screen area.   Each screen can be cut differently and combined AS A SINGLE IMAGE to make large oversize pieces of artistic screening.   
  • We can also supply FREEFORM screens on a couple of our leaf based screen designs, with irregular top / bottom edges which soften up the installation, and offer a very high quality, striking looking screening option.
  • If you are ordering long distance, we can provide a MODULAR FRAMING option. Instead of welding joints, we mill joiners out of solid marine grade aluminium plate and screw these in place to allow your frame to be shipped in pieces, and assembled onsite.  Once the screens are glued and riveted to the frame/s, the modular frames are locked together and provide a very solid framing structure made to fit your screen perfectly.
  • On longer screens / and or large oversize walls, we will often fit extra footplates to the bottom cross rail to provide extra stiffness.

Once we have made the frames, and cut and fitted the screens to the frame, we will powder coat all frames, screens, fixings and accessories to match, in your choice of more than 100 Dulux / Interpon colours.

Once powder coated, we will typically FULLY ASSEMBLE your screen wall/s in our workshop, prior to delivery.   We spread your frames / cross rails out on padded workbenches, sand and prep all surfaces to be joined, and then GLUE AND RIVET the screens onto the frames.  Once cured, this ensures an excellent quality bond between the screens and frames, shuts down any screen rattle between loose surfaces, and locks the whole structure together.

If you are ordering long distance, there are size restrictions due to freight implications.  We can assemble smaller screens, and / or ship larger multi-panel screens as modular frames and matching screens, with assembly and installation instructions. 

I had a custom panel made for the cutout in my house.
I chose a modified design of an existing one and they did a great job. Size was accurate and came with painted nails and frames for self-installation. Mark was very helpful with installation instructions. All in all very happy with the panel and service.

Heshan Godigamuwa


Robust corner fixings allow tolerance plus easy installation, with all hardward and fixings powder coated to match your screen colour.


Creates rigidity without the need for welding frames.  Perfect for single screen panels up to 4500mm wide x 1500mm high.  We can also supply fully welded frames for multi-panel screen cross rail installations. 


It’s the little details that make all the difference.  We add adhesive sealant inside each lug prior to mounting to shut down any movement or rattle. 


We use heavy duty 40 x 40 x 3mm gauge cross rails for rigid installation, and then fit folded panels to the screens.  Versatile design… quick and easy to install… and stunning results every time.