Big… bold… Spectacular… HOLEY SHEET…

Our HOLEY SHEET oversized screens start with massive sheets of premium-grade aluminium.  These fill our large format cutting gear to full capacity.

Our art team spend many hours manipulating monster computer files, finessing every curve and cut to create true signature statement pieces.   

Then we get to work, painstakingly cutting the detail into these wonderful large sheets of beautiful quality alloy.  Designs can often take many hours to cut.  This is testimony to the enormous scale and detail in these spectacular pieces.  

Every HOLEY SHEET oversized screen is then hand-finished – an epic journey in its own right as we sand and finesse all surfaces and cutouts for a perfectly smooth finished result.   

No other screen company cuts close!

Comparing Holey Sheet screen sizes
Atlantis Holey Sheet

Our seamless Atlantis design used as privacy screening.

Handling and transporting these giant pieces is a mission, with multiple people involved in every step.   We have specially modified transport that allows these sheets to make the pilgrimage to and from our powder coaters (and then again to your site once the job is complete).

The finishing touches to your gorgeous oversized screen are added by the powder coaters, who follow a multi-stage finishing process finishing with a full oven-baked powder coat surface in your choice of literally hundreds of colours. 

And from there, we take these extraordinary pieces to site and fit them with the same precision and care that has been infused into every stage of the craftsmanship.

There are few ways to make such a powerful statement as to hang a giant HOLEY SHEET screen as the focal point on a big wall, or to fit one into your front entrance gate. 

Shop HOLEY SHEET online now or customise to your exact requirements 

Sanctum’s oversized screens are simply some of the largest and most impressive single screens available anywhere in Australia.  Extraordinary scale.  Stunning detail.   Superb quality and precision. 

Select from screens in a range of standard lengths from 3000mm up to 5200mm in length, and in standard 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm sheet widths.  

Sanctum now offers a number of HOLEY SHEET screen designs as standard items, saving you the need to pay for customisation and extra artwork.  Simply select a design, size and colour, and we can take care of the rest.  

Alternately, we have limited scope to customise these somewhat to meet your specific project needs.   Perhaps you need modified sizing to fit your opening exactly?  Customised fabrication – a gate perhaps?   Modified blockout ratio?   

If you want some of Australia’s boldest and most spectacular screening, then check out the rapidly increasing range of HOLEY SHEET oversized screens in our online store, or talk to Sanctum about a custom modification today.


Introducing Sanctum’s HOLEY SHEET…
Is this Australia’s largest single screen?

Buy online now, or order your custom size / design combo.